Monday, September 1, 2014

The Enemy Within!

How can ANYONE believe that this sleazy, lying  President is not

part of the takedown of the country?

Every news outlet (even FOX news) treat it as though he's just disinterested.

In every crisis situation some spokes-jerk or jerk-ess from the WH will say what the President is "thinking" about doing and then nothing is done and repeated again 
when the same or next crisis occurs.  Solutions are still unfound, nothing is ever solved,
nobody is ever fired and "red lines" are laughed at by our enemies...and our list of enemies is multiplying hourly! The only thing that is announced is what 
is NOT going to be done! "No boots on the ground." "Troops leaving by the end of..." "I don't have any strategy!" etc ...just beneficial announcements to the enemy.

Even the wrong-headed Democrat-liberal must be beginning to see the light, I just hope they will get over their embarrassment for having bought into his lies and phony rhetoric before it becomes a life/death situation on their own turf!
It's being rumored that ISIS groups are already here thanks to this Administration keeping our Southern border WIDE open!

We've had elected officials that have bungled their way through political careers but I can't recall a President deliberately bankrupting not only the economy and energy policies but disarming the Military in a time of world conflagration and chaos! 

Either his policies are deliberate or he has the IQ of a tree stump! 
A weakening of what he views as the world's problem-The USA,
that racist, war mongering behemoth that needs to be more like Haiti and its monetary and military might taken away.

He is Phyllis Diller as President and doesn't want reality to spoil his made up stories. 
W-O-R-K is not the four letter word most despised by this guy.
The word is C-A-R-E! 
He doesn't CARE!
To Quote Burt Prelutsky
"Clearly, the president is a hollow shell without a moral compass.  
In fact, if anyone ever decided to stage a production of “The Wizard of Oz,” 
they could do it on the cheap by hiring Obama to play all three of Dorothy’s traveling companions.  
Unlike Ray Bolger, Jack Haley and Bert Lahr, this fellow was born to portray a man without a brain, a man without a heart and a third who lacked courage."

 Who else would go back to the golf course, laughing and fist bumping after announcing that an American was brutally beheaded?
If Americans STILL don't realize that BHO is the problem and the wrecking ball to America then THEY are the dupes that make the takedown possible!