Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dreams of His Father (the Commie!)

I haven't heard this talked about in a few years in relation to this Administration, but this immigration stupidity is text book "Cloward-Piven strategy.

Overwhelming the system for the change to redistribute income! 

Bringing the multitudes in that are at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder will engulf the welfare, healthcare, educational and Social Services without any end in sight.

 Cloward-Piven was rightly brought up by Glenn Beck and others during the Obama-care fiasco but this is even more weight & strain on the total system for a purpose.

We all know it's more than this President feeling sorry for anybody because of their lot in life.
Anybody that has watched this twit in the role of President and  thinks that he has a soft spot for the welfare of others need only to remember his past 6 years.
The racial divisiveness in every quarter of his shady, behind closed doors dealing, the myriad lies to the populace, the reportedly 10s of thousands of jobs (and a bit of freedom from terrorist oil) for the Keystone pipeline while it has been sitting for 6 years without a decision and the departmental invectives to anyone that disagrees (IRS) is all a sinister plot to manufacture and bring to life the "Dreams of 'his' Father"!
He's a very sick man and his punishment should be "ObamaCare" handled by the nearest late term abortion clinic! 

Mr. Gruber is small potatoes in his dastardly plotting. He's just another builder of lies for this Administration.
 I would look into this President's releasing more and more Gitmo prisoners back onto the battlefield
and throwing racial gasoline on Ferguson, Mo with Eric Holder as well as this current mess he's making at the border. (What border? There is no border!)

Somebody MUST grab the reins from this bunch.