Monday, November 17, 2014

Par For the "Coarse"!

The "Afforable Care" architect nerd who has been caught multiple times admitting that all was done with chicanery & underhandedness because of the lack of "understanding" of the American people, or that they are too stupid to comprehend, is "par for the course" of this Administration. (I couldn't resist the pun!)

These seem to be fine with the short memoried (most!):
With the Feds running guns to Mexico, keeping the borders open, This Administration trying to cut a deal with Iran and it's Nuke program, arming some of the warring factions in the Middle-East (None of whom are our friends that I can tell.)
While at the same time announcing the welcome mat is out for children who have illegal parents already here to "come on up"!
Not to mention sending soldiers to Ebola saturated areas and threatening to bring Ebola victims here for whatever reason.

While all this is piling up, the left is STILL at work trying to dis-arm American citizens
and legalize pot. (Ponder those two things alone and ask yourself why…)

Since I'm relating all this to the stupidity of the American hoi-pelloi for allowing this to continue I'll bring up a personal encounter I had yesterday via phone with an acquaintance of 57 years who still lives in RI where I was born.
We got around to talking about the rising price of food and beef in particular.

He said, "I know why beef is so high and who's at fault!
Once I found out George W. Bush had a ranch in Texas, I knew that..."

God help us!