Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey kids, I've got a job!

How long before the welfare queens figure out that they’re missing out on the profit from the selling off of the aborted baby parts? 
After 3 babies they become diminishing returns…benefits are lowered % wise after 3rd.

To save Planned Parenthood this Administration might re-do the rules because now they have destitute, drug-addled women volunteering to be bred so they can be paid (maybe 50%) for heart, liver, kidneys …pregnant 16 weeks,  3 times a year,
they could bring in cash money for their other bad habits.
It be like a real job and they could pay taxes…
(They’ll quickly find a loophole for that!)
and they wouldn’t lose their EBT card or TANF or WIC eligibility either...

They’ll be lining up!
...and it’ll be next years TIMES magazine cover!