Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here's a NEWS FLASH!

Diplomacy doesn't work.

Unless the talks already involve allies or something as simple as taking a 3% tariff off bulbs from Holland.

With anyone that thinks we need bringing down or taken advantage of, "talks" are just an excuse to get together at a table then all go to an expensive diplomat's luncheon in New York. Unless we're giving something that is so big that it overrides why the talks and diplomacy are needed, say $3 billion or rocket science to a tyrant in the middle East or open borders so the people searching for a better life can come in our living rooms and take it.

(if they relax a little, Obama will eventually confiscate it and give it to them anyway!)

The answer: Let's just throw the borders wide open, TAKE Mexico for our own and open a few Arby's and Walmarts down there. They're already growing 30% of the produce we get at the supermarket, why are they coming here to pick radishes?

Confiscating their oil would just be an added benefit.

We've backed up on so many arguments (diplomacy) that we let the dissenters in Arizona throw rocks and bottles at the police. We've got it so Politically Incorrect that if the police

make an arrest, THEY'RE roasted over the MS media grill as if they were doing something more far reaching than taking troublemakers off the streets. "Why, ummmm, errrrr, it's illegal to keep illegals off of the streets of Tucson and out of the country!"

Meanwhile the border between Guatemala and Southern Mexico is locked tight and heavily guarded PLUS the penalties very sever for entering Mexico from the South.

The President of Mexico has warned that his people should boycott Arizona because they would be treated unfairly…and the Mayor of San Francisco declared Arizona a place to stay away from.

Yeah, that'll teach Arizona a lesson! Those may be the main two positive results to have come from the signing of Bill 1070. This should also cause Texas to follow suit. Rush Limbaugh made a great statement about Arizona PAYING for a one way ticket for illegals to go to San Francisco (...or to whatever city is advocating amnesty!) via Amtrak or Trail-ways bus at AZ expense!

I think that's a terrific solution.

The Bill #1070 states that if someone/something is arousing suspicion they can be required to show proof of their citizenry. It's the same for everybody in the USA!

What is the big deal about having to have an I.D?

I've traveled to many parts of Europe and always have my Identification at the ready.

I don't leave my house to drive 2 miles to get groceries without my driver's license, insurance proof or proof of registration.

It doesn't make me want to club a policeman.

This do nothing, bowing and scraping, thinks-he's-about-half-smart President is terrific with 20-20 hindsight when the buck is being passed. He's great at getting the criminal element to voice their opinions through rock & bottle throwing intimidation Chicago-style but he's yet to find his footing in America...

The REAL America!

I don't have to look very hard to see 2012 from here!