Tuesday, May 4, 2010


1. Drilling disaster
We have millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico and tens of thousands of citizens fraught with the specter of their livelihoods in shambles. The fishing industry, tourism, day-to-day commerce at a standstill, oil stench in the air along with oil droplets in the mist borne by the winds off the gulf. Stopping the well might take as long as 3 months.

2. Terrorist action on American soil
A terrorist act perpetuated in the heart of New York City speculated to be because of a cartoon show depiction. The act poorly designed but intended to kill and maim what could easily have been thousands of victims. An arrest has been made of a Pakistani trying to flee the country aboard a plane to Dubai.
He recently became a naturalized citizen. Will there be more riots now? Rock & bottle throwing at the police? An ACLU condemning and filing a lawsuit on the taxi driver and merchant for usurping the "If it feels good, DO IT!" of a potential killer of Pakistani heritage? Since he's NOT an illegal the ACLU may or may not help him get off. However, they who spotted the van smoldering and heard the small explosions starting and called the police might be drug through some kind of "anti-enemy" lawsuit by the ACLU!

3. Illegals/legals from Mexico rioting and this Administration condemning the Arizona citizens!
What is so traumatizing to legal citizens whose heritage lies South of the border that they
band together with illegals to riot, bust out store fronts and throw rocks at police?
It's going on in many places…yesterday in Asheville, North Carolina for instance.
Are these riots and condemnations over Arizona bill #1070 because they have to carry identification (as every citizen is required to do!)? Do they want a right for their ethnicity to NOT live by the regulations and laws.

4. Returning to the scene of the crime!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made his "diplomatic" return to the U.N. to spew his rhetoric of hate-filled insanity to anyone that doesn't walk out. Let's give the impotent U.N. more of our tax dollars, ok?

5. Tennessee floods

Dozens dead and the city a disaster. Homes in all areas ruined and unlivable…

6. Don't fret though, solutions abound!
Meanwhile we have this administration and president taking care of business by trading funny (?) quips and one liners with Jay Leno, condemning and limiting Americans overuse of salt, waiting and condemning BP to clean up the mess, getting in a few rounds of golf while Poland buried their dead and suggesting that the welfare recipients, minorities, and college B.O. worshipers get together to help the liberal/progressives "finish the job", (translated is "finish us off") by carrying the day in the November mid-term elections.

I feel better about it all now, don't you?