Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to win a war?

Whose brilliant idea was it to award a medal for: “Courageous Restraint”?

Why not take money out of their pay every time the soldiers fire their weapons?
1. Mollycoddle the terrorists but berate the American Tea Party Movement.
2. Remove the Eastern Europe missile defense as the Middle East ratchets up nuclear
3. Send taxpayer dollars to bail out Socialist, bankrupt Greece but cut New York City's terrorist defense budget. 
4. The Generals ask for 40,000 more troops, send them 25% fewer than they need.
5. Embarrass Israel, our only ally and friend in the Middle East and invite Karzai over for a dazzling party in Washington.
and on and on ad nauseum...
There are plenty more but who's got that kind of time?