Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why talk about it?

The ordeal about writing and editing myself is that those we've elected to powerful positions do something inexcusable and sinister every hour and if I don't simply STOP writing and post or send it, every travesty put to the public becomes well documented, charges are leveled, excuses are made, short attention spans are overloaded and "John & Joan Q. Public" reach for the remote! The Grade B horror flick that is our life is a daily diet of atrocities still sneaking through the cracks. Not the obvious enemy that wants all non-muslims wiped from the face of the earth but the people who we put into a position of trust and that are "supposed" to be on our side. It's the people that we sent to Washington that are putting us up for adoption...stealing our future...going through our closets...selling us down the river.
I don't want to be "The Alarmist", but I have to. 

Every hyphenated "American" has their own agenda. The world is aflame and we've got "rats & criminals" in the kitchen, on the roof with torches and cleaning out our bank accounts. 
There was a time when I felt guilty bothering anyone in their reverie of "everything's gonna be all right, it always has" but now I want them to look at the blood, turmoil and destruction and be convinced, as I am, that there is a well-plotted method to this madness going on in this Administration and waiting to see if it turns out o.k. is NOT an option.

The heart-wrenching, pathetic part is trying to persuade citzens to look at the proof instead of for the remote!