Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LLL (Going to L!)

Looking forward to the year 2022...
I'll be an Octogenarian Octoroon...

As a country living man I've become accustomed to a more natural lifestyle.
As I wander about the grounds of our property early mornings and at dusk, checking the garden and flower beds I hear wildlife. Roosters crowing, a dog barking,
the occasional wild turkey herd gobbling while pecking at the ground as it nomadically searches for food.
Sometimes sitting on the porch in the evenings I can hear the repeated call of the nearly extinct, Lost Liberal Loon as it searches for a mate (either gender) to perhaps meet and ritualistically try to breed. The weak, plaintive call repeated over and over: "Bushdidit, bushdidit, bushdidit, bushdidit…"

The near extinction brought about by the Loons themselves. Most didn't want to know how to fend for themselves so the louder Loons decided to share everything that the more active creatures would gather. The food and nests belonged to everyone. That wasn't a good idea…even in the manual. (The louder Loons freely admit to not ever having read the manual.)
Alas, I'm afraid they will be going the way of the DoDo bird. 
The "Lost Liberal Loons" are 1 pound birds that are starting to lay 2 pound eggs!