Monday, June 21, 2010

Nero Takes a mulligan!

I have to say he's consistent in his "above it all" and 
I-couldn't-care-less aplomb.

Obama, forever reprising his role as the Emperor Nero, i.e. "Fiddling while Rome burns!" took time out from his photo-ops of preening and pontificating, with rolled up shirt sleeves like he's ready to start sifting sand manually on beaches as yet unsp(oiled) to check the Chicago White Sox (is that a racial swipe?) and play some golf.  As soon as he sent the lawyers down to the beaches and then over to Arizona (Not to help plug the various holes but to start litigation AGAINST American citizens in Arizona and delay any helpful ideas and equipment volunteered from our now "ex-allies" that might help stop the oil leak).

 While condemning the BP executive that appeared at a yacht race he thought a few rounds of golf would make him feel ready to start that, "Tax and Strangle" thing called Cap & Trade and ordering folks to change their light bulbs out with the new GE product or be fined! (Unless of course, you're part of the SEIU where a raise is imminent if you wear your "Union allegiance shirt" to all mob related thuggery.) 

I'm as sure as B. O. is that he doesn't care a whit that the Dems are going to be sent back into their old neighborhoods in November because then he'll have more than G.W. Bush to blame, he'll have the whole Republican Congress to blame for throwing up road blocks for his careening, out-of-control unicycle. This one wheel drive to "fundamentally change America".  
Just as the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents for an early inheritance had women writing them while jailed and expressing their love, so too Obama, after nearly decapitating the Statue of Liberty and trying to rewrite the role of Government to turn the populace into serfs, will always have his camp followers and worshipers.

Three cheers for Obama, the new "American Idle"!