Friday, June 18, 2010

What is this?

"The system of checks and balances is a part of our Constitution. It guarantees that no part of the government becomes too powerful. For example, the legislative branch is in charge of making laws. The executive branch can veto the law, thus making it harder for the legislative branch to pass the law. The judicial branch may also say that the law is unconstitutional and thus make sure it is not a law.
The legislative branch can also remove a president or judge that is not doing his/her job properly. The executive branch appoints judges and the legislative branch approves the choice of the executive branch. Again, the branches check and balance each other so that no one branch has too much power."

What is happening here? Did I miss it when someone changed the rules and this usurper to common sense decided he was the King and Queen of Lake Michigan? 
Look, I'm all for giving everyone a chance at pushing the grocery store cart, but where have our congressmen & State Reps gone? Surely they don't believe the folly of this fool? They are supposed to be the barrier between Oligarchic rule and random zone changes for political reasons!
We're being hammered on by the lowliest of the low and our best thinkers are behind the curve. While argument rages on the one issue (whatever it is at the moment) 7 more are thrown at us by the hyenas because they CAN! We have to be the party of not only NO! But the party of "HELL NO!"
It'll take forever to unwind the stupidity wrought by this Administration and with our attention spans at the lowest ebb since Andy Jackson ran roughshod over the Cherokees, all bets are off!

Democrats, I forgive you...
Just stay the Hell away from me until you can make a decision without MY money!