Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rome wasn't built in a day, it was the fall that only took a day!


The Congressmen we elect are supposed to represent us and one would also expect them to monitor and protect the sanctity of the laws of the Republic.

   It is beyond citizen apathy, laziness or simply voting for the only name they recognize! 
It's not just those on the fringe--demented, adrift from their moorings and/or worshippers of anything anti-American, not just the "College Students Gone Mild" voting en masse for Obama because it was "cool", but elected officials who think it in their best interest to toe the party line rather than help protect the people from the ill winds that are blowing this hydrogen filled blimp toward the lightning and certain explosive destruction!
The most frightening aspect of these current times is that there are so many in Congress, elected to represent, who are voting to help push this spin, crash and burn, spend and 
tax agenda through!

 This Administration is not just "fundamentally changing" Democracy; at the least they are forging an unrecognizable Democracy, which is no Democracy at all!
 Still in this country, there are Congressmen and citizens stepping up to the Captain's buffet on the Hindenburg, cheering-on the chef, patting each other on the back and watching off starboard while the storm is brewing. That there are American citizens letting them have their way in reversing 234 years of the richest and most powerful society in world history is reprehensible!
I'm not speaking of the usual self-serving, "don't so as I do, do as I say!" snakes, i.e., "Hide-the-Ship" Kerry--Grayson--B. Frank--Pelosi--Reid--Gore--Kennedy (any Kennedy) and that recently added pit viper to Medusa's head, Pete Stark (just to name a few). 
I'm speaking of politicians who should know better. 
 Bart Stupak, Republicans Olympia Snow, South Carolina's, Lindsey Graham, Tea Party-helped, newly elected Scott Brown and numerous others who seem like nice enough people, but who are content to watch us fly at warp speed toward certain doom while voting for these ominous changes and welfare-entitlement programs on the side of the doomsday pilots of this Hell-bound blimp. They are even more to blame because, though they are supposedly decent and trusted, they also fall into the category of gullible, clueless and simple dupes. 
The 1939 movie "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" had audiences believing that somewhere an honest man was trying his best to help right the wrongs in Washington. 
 Using that same template to bamboozle citizens with the inexperienced community organizer, we now have the equivalent of a paper hanger that fooled the citizens in Berlin back in the '30s, just another orator with horrific ideas.
The elected that are in agreement or simply deal-making with this Administration for their own benefit are not very far removed from the "I vas only following orders!" of the Nuremberg trials. 

"The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never again escape from it."  
                                                      Joseph Goebbels

These modern-day Joseph Goebbels ( will sign off on their whole constituency for a free junket to the Bahamas, a golf weekend from lobbyists or a deal sometime in the future from this Administration. Before there's an agreeing vote there has to be a deal of some sort. Whether it's funding for our military at war, or making a special week for honoring the inventor of the toothpick, they'll tack on their own pork provisions for multi-millions to subsidize some cockamamie construction project that a campaign supporter stands to make a killing from or force through some other distasteful project (Think "Healthcare" bill!) benefiting someone other than the country's best interest.
They can't possibly believe in this President and his gang of bribers and behind pulled-shade, secret dealings. 
The list of wrongs is mighty long and I certainly don't need to rehash any more of the listed scandalous dealings of this Administration. 

The Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, Marxist movements would say that the system is unfair to the less fortunate while the rich get richer. This is what the Oligarchs actually use to batter the rest of us into submission.
However,the playing field was more level in the USA than anywhere else on the globe before they started wrenching it apart. There are more 'new' millionaires than ever. Not inherited wealth but people with ideas, concepts and the desire to rise.
In what other country could naturally funny men like Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters or George Carlin or gifted musicians like Duke Ellington, Ray Charles and Willie Nelson become wildly successful, respected and wealthy? Anything you had the brains and interest to do was possible. 
When gumption…grit…determination was the creed, you could get your dream started in the garage and turn it into Microsoft! 
Madame C.J. Jackson, ( African-American and the first woman, self-made millionaire started selling her own products door to door around 1900.
Warren Buffet ( started selling gum door-to-door as a child and is constantly in the richest man in the world listings.
Success stories abound.

The U.S was the world's most successful democracy. Where someone could think and do and be. You didn't have to work in the textile mill or coal mine just because your family, for the last several generations, worked in the textile mill, coal mine, assembly line or on a dairy farm. 
With talent, hard work and desire you could possibly fulfill that dream to open a bakery or be hoofer on Broadway---open a window washing service or be a commercial pilot---design homes or work on small motors---study sea turtles or be a steel guitar player.

To be continued...