Friday, August 6, 2010

Accepting bribes is probably more dishonest than offering one!

Do I have to reiterate that those same Republican panhandler's from Maine did it again!

Proof positive that being in public service doesn't necessarily mean helping "SERVE" the public!

We see the workings of Congress nightly on the news.
That it's all about "greasing the palm"…Like a waiter holding a hand out for a tip to show you to a better table, or a stool pigeon who, at the risk of life and limb, tells everything he knows if the price is right!
The fact that New England in particular, of the 13 original colonies that stood at the ramparts with sticks, stones and pitchforks defying the crackerjack British Military and fighting for liberty, has come to the shamefaced embarrassment of selling out for favors and gold.
That "seems like a nice enough person" Olympia Snow that I spoke of in my last missive with her Maine co-elected and
co-conspirator, Susan Collins, held out long enough to get a nice taxpayer bribe from those swell Democrats that needed votes to funnel more money to the unions before the upcoming elections!
To paraphrase Sir Thomas More in 
"Why Olympia, it profits a person nothing to give your soul for the whole world... but for the unions?"

We are brain-numbed to it all.
The Northeastern part of the United States is especially brain-numbed. They must be because approval ratings for this Administration is, at the least, above 50% in some states in New England and as high as the mid-sixties in a few others. It's like they're all living and breathing hazardous gases from a toxic waste dump that has caused their brain synapses to shut down. 
The highest unemployment in the land, highest per capita tax rate, schools that couldn't pass muster in Zimbabwe and with state lotteries that are supposed to help ease the education burden, some of the most numbskull camp followers in the country! 
What is supposedly the hot bed of higher education, i.e. Harvard, Yale, Brown etc. in tandem with the regimented daily strife of the old-time factory workers, now unemployed, they're wandering the streets and forests, glassy-eyed like the "Children of the Corn" repeating, "Please sir, may I have another…"!

 Let's say, just for theory, that the worst case scenario happened and these one-track-minded, "rob Peter to pay Paul" John Wycliffe's 'Select English Works,' (1380) cretins retained enough seats in the upcoming election and worse yet, Obama comes out winning re-election in 2012. Can anyone conceive of a more telling death knell to humankind?
Our apathetic, brain-numbed citizenry will have given over the power to totally destroy our way of life and the last refuge of freedom.

1. As of 2008, Hispanics ( were the largest minority with 46.1 million and with 9.7 million voting in 2008. (as porous as the Southern border is I would say that number is vastly understated today!)
2. 13.1 million voters are African Americans ( ) that comprise the 2nd largest group and are in the 90% approval range for this President.
3. SEIU has 2.2 million members and Unions in total have (2009) 15.2 million members. The Union's almost always vote Democrat en masse. 
(“A government with the policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw)

The rest of us must get in our heads what we have to do.

Start now! 
Volunteer! Get involved. Invest your time in finding a candidate that you believe in...Learn about the local Tea Party...
 Talk to people…tell them what you think about the Government usurping control and by-passing congressional oversight (checks & balances) and why it's gonna kill the Republic! 
Help to organize…stuff envelopes…drive people to the polls on election day… and take as many like-minded friends with you to vote! 

We've got to be the antidote.
We've got the power to teach Pelosi--Barney Frank--Reid--Obama that we are neither serf nor peasant and they are not Royalty! 

The election is 87 days away.
 We are the last refuge.