Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another from the insightful, Burt Prelutsky!

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"Believe me, I understand that not every Republican is a saint and that not every Democrat is evil incarnate. But constantly repeating the mantra that both parties are alike, much like Bloomberg’s belief that the mosque will usher in an era of ecumenical brotherhood, is a prime example of mind-boggling naivet√©. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since January, 2009, you should have noticed that it has been Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their flock of liberal sheep, that have shoved bigger government; higher taxes; endless perks for unions; ObamaCare; an insane energy agenda; an equally loony illegal alien policy; and deficits that will bankrupt generations of Americans not yet born; down our throats, while managing to provide leftists Kagan and Sotomayor with lifetime sinecures; and it’s been Republicans who have done their best to fight back on our behalf.

As much as anyone, I’m aware that the Republicans, including John McCain, spent 2000-2006 trying to cuddle up to Ted Kennedy. But I have to believe they learned their lessons in the past two elections. If it turns out they didn’t, there’s time enough in 2012 to take them out behind the woodshed and paddle their butts."