Monday, August 16, 2010


This was to be Part 2, a continuation of 
"Rome wasn't built in a day, it was the FALL that only took a day!" from July 31.
I offer 2 stories from people very close to me. 
The first, a staunch Liberal at one time until finding her first job right out of college several years ago in the SSI section of Social Security. 
I received this a few days after my piece found the fresh-air of my blog.
Here is her story:
Just wanted to say "Hi."  I stumbled on your blog by accident the other day...very scary. 

Having worked for the Social Security Administration (I worked for SSI, a welfare program that is run out of SSA for people who have not paid into the system) and watched as the government employees willingly handed over taxpayer money to resident aliens who claimed to be disabled (Did you know that according to the government that Not speaking English is a secondary disability?) but owned and collected money from businesses they owned back in Iran and Iraq sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know what it is like to be angry with the system.  Of course the kicker was that most of the resident aliens that filed wanted the free Medicaid, to visit doctors of their same ethnicity that bilk the government even further.  And my bosses would generally cry, "just pay them" and I had an Iranian Professor who was hired to translate documents for SSA tell me that it is part of their culture to want to cheat and lie to the Infidels.  Anyone that is non-Muslim is an INFIDEL and it is seen as quite the coup to put one over on any Infidel and of course as a representative of the American government - you are the ultimate INFIDEL.  When I was 7 months pregnant with my son, I denied an Iranian man's mother for benefits because she owned a tire store in Iran that was not only a viable business but that she had hidden from the initial SSA rep.  This man began to spit between his fingers and speak something that sounded like curse words in Farsi (his language) and then told me he had cursed  me and that my baby would be born dead!  That's when I decided that after my baby was born I would not return to SSA.  So for me... Calexico, CA is far too nice!  But then SSA left me with emotional scars regarding the middle east region of the world...Iran, Iraq & Pakistan were the worst claimants --many while filing for government welfare would tell you to your face how much they hate America.  So of course we reward them by giving them a monthly check and free medical care!  Yikes!

The funny thing is that when people talk about Hispanic/Latino people milking the my experience they would literally have to have a limb missing or be on the verge of a coma to file for benefits from SSA. The ones who truly used the system and knew the program inside and out (I think they take grifter classes before they file) were the Middle Easterners & Filipinos. 

I say let them build their Interfaith Mosque as they claim it is...but that it must have equal space dedicated to spiritual areas for Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc...  I can bet you cash money that they will choose to build somewhere else!

Of course the quotes from her bureaucratic, pseudo-superiors are a sign of more of the same and will be found in this mountain-of-a-mess called "Obama Care", plus all those other fine messes he's lied us into. "why are you upset, its not your money?" 
Of course it's our money!