Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little Bit of Sugar...

I was told, in a recent e-mail, that most (pundits) will expound on what's wrong but very few ever have a solution …well truth be told I did have a solution! It was one she didn't like.  

It's the smaller version of "The Truman Solution" where they're given doses slowly and in increasingly larger amounts until the vermin that carry the virus are not just under control but exterminated from under the house, of course the hovel and everything with-in 50 miles is vaporized in the extermination as well.

Here, maybe it's just easier to read starting from her last paragraph:

From 8/21
"I do listen to several news outlets (CNN, HLN & FOX) , I read information online and sometimes listen to talk radio and what I have found no matter who is in power is that most people want to tell you what is wrong and that we are destined for failure, but very, very few ever have a solution.  I honestly think that you must have the extremes in order to find where the middle truly is but we have to keep our head about us as we pay attention...so that we are not sucked into the vortex of devastation and doom.  It is not possible to be bombarded with negative energy all the time and come out of it feeling positive, unless you are just pure evil.    
Having said all this, I enjoy your writing...clearly you have skills...but I need cream in my coffee, jelly on my biscuit, syrup on my pancakes maybe its just my sweet tooth or maybe, just maybe... I need the sugar coating ...the hope in my future."   

I have to agree that "a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down!"  I too prefer my biscuits with home made blackberry preserves and that if there were an 11th Commandment it would have something to do with "strawberry or peach desserts"! 

On "Cherry Picking" the enemy:
The city police thought of a way to get a bunch of low life's together in one place and catch them all.
They sent notices to these small time hoods that they had won tickets to the Yankee game and when they showed up (who could resist free tickets?) arrests were made.
What would you use to get the Taliban-Hamas-Al Qaeda and their little & sundry splinter "terror tots" into one place for a trap. 
Free tickets to a stoning?
An invite to watch Harry Waxman's plastic surgery?
A lawn party commemorating the Lockerbie bomber's birthday?
A chance to see Osama's new digs (and I do mean digs, as in cave…)?
Tell them Mohammed's least favorite cartoonist is going to be there?

In the meantime, until I can think of getting them into a gathering…
 I'll try to sweeten the Democratic pot-luck agenda with some sugar coating:

1. Have you noticed that away from Washington and on his umpteenth vacation his poll numbers are going back up from minus 6 to minus 3?

2. After driving the "new" Chevy VOLT 10 feet in a warehouse he declared it a "smooth ride".
     That's the car none of the "Consumer Review" Companies have gotten a prototype to check out.
Using the Pelosi method of "You'll just have to pass it to see what's in it!" for the Health Care fiasco seemed to work for them then and is going to be the method for the "VOLT" pitch. 
I guess you'll just have to buy it ($41,000) to see if it can get outta the ditch before the 40-hour battery runs down. (I wouldn't count on it to help pull that vehicle in the ditch that BO keeps talking about that the heavily controlled Democratic Congress helped push George W's car into…you remember---when unemployment was under 6% and Fannie & Freddie were still being touted as "safe & sound" before it nearly took down the world's economy.)

3. On another positive note and the reason to place the cherry on top is that Americans are rising from their lethargy to the usurper elites and want the poisonous snakes eradicated. ...Taken to the woodshed and taught a lesson.
Their gift to Obama being a t-shirt saying " 1 AND DONE 
w/" Now get out " in small letters. 

January 21, 2013 the BO Presidential library (his envelope full of golf scores) will be enshrined in a back corner of a "Ripley's Believe or Not" Museum, located in the basement of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Pass the whipped cream please!

Your friend and mine,