Saturday, August 28, 2010

Only in America!

It ended with this statement:

"The US was the world's most successful democracy. Where someone could think and do and be. You didn't have to work in the textile mill or coal mine just because your family, for the last several generations, worked in the textile mill, coal mine, assembly line or on a dairy farm. 
With talent, hard work and desire you could possibly fulfill that dream to open a bakery or be hoofer on Broadway---open a window washing service or be a commercial pilot---design homes or work on small motors---study sea turtles or be a steel guitar player.
To be continued..."

When I closed Part 1 with "...or be a steel guitar player." ,
I was thinking of a special friend.  We met when he was the steel guitar player in a very versatile, high potential band in West Texas.  His ultimate success over the adversities that confronted him before and throughout the 30 years of our friendship was the reason I asked him to write of his working life.  In spite of a lack of “higher education,” he always supported himself and his family.  He also went broke at least twice and was a target of the IRS.  I have always admired his successes and the ability to keep moving forward after failures.  All of his so-called failures were experiences he learned from and built on as he persevered and went to the next level.  
Read his working life highlights by clicking here:  The Climb

His story and others like it could only happen in the USA we know and love, not the USA we are becoming under the regime of Socialism & entitlement...

Starting from: 
"I remember being embarrassed and that is the way most of my school days were until I finally quit in my junior year. When I left school I felt like I was pretty much stupid." 

To current times: 
"We now have offices in Texas and Atlanta, as well as an on-line store, and will do about $6,000,000 in audio/visual sales this year."