Saturday, August 7, 2010

Unmasking the Mosque-erade...

*I say let them build their Mosque!

...But we get to say where. 

First of all I can only think of one reason why they'd want to be here.
(It's the same reason you're thinking of right now!)

We know that Muslims despise the USA. What we do, how we dress, what we listen to, how we behave, Who and how we worship (the slaughter of humanitarian medical workers for carrying Bibles is a case in point)
 How their young'uns try to emulate westernized things. (Any new honor killings in the USA this week?) 
They hate our surplus of entertainment, what we eat, our disinterest in demanding that females cover every part of themselves and not speak unless spoken to by a male family member and so on.
So ideally it should be a place that is free from those things that send them into a deranged slaughter of innocents that did nothing to them, except perhaps laugh at their zeal to remain mentally and literally in the 14th century or for a woman to walk in front rather than behind the male!

So how do we find a place that fits the criteria for Muslims and their Mosque?

Well, logically we would try and find a place in this hemisphere as much like the Middle East as possible. Desert-like plus a place where drug trafficking is the modus operandi and ritual killings are a mainstay. Where their daughters can't smile at a stranger nor find mascara. A place where automatic weapons are mandatory and bomb-making material can be had for mere pesos! 
No loud rock 'n roll nor Paris Hilton sightings.             
No Jehovah's Witnesses and no "Domino's Pizza"!
No Ouzo...only UZIs!

The easy part is eliminating all the states that fit but that will refuse this plan.
 That leaves only one state "progressive" enough to relish the thought of paying for more self-induced problems.

With smuggling tunnels already dug, dead bodies turning up every few days in the underbrush and a serious shortage of potable water and yes, a place as close to like-home as they'll ever find. 
Located on our Southern border in the land of sunshine and sanctuary cities,
the winner is (6 miles east of) Calexico, California!