Tuesday, November 15, 2011



There's been quite a bit of liberal media coverage and 
late night comic yuks targeting Governor Perry's ability to
think and speak under the gun of lights, cameras and left wing Liberal's with axes to grind.

Brain freeze is the new terminology for when there's a disrupt between thought and making that thought audible. For me it's an everyday occurrence and is probably more prevalent when at a podium to speak spontaneously without script while being asked questions on saving the world.
Before Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, another Republican, was paraded to the front page while Eric Holder's, (Democrat) Department Of Justice, was running guns to Mexico's drug cartels, I don't remember too much attention being paid to this foible called brain freeze.
By the way, could Eric Holder and his underlings all be guilty of "Brain Freeze" when they claim they knew nothing about sending guns across the border or are they trying to cover up their own horrific stupidity?

When, Mary Jo Kopechne, was killed by a drunk Ted Kennedy (Democrat) and he and his handlers took 
 NINE HOURS to report it to the police, that would be "brain DEEP-freeze" or covering your butt until you got sober? The fact that he was still Senator from Massachusetts 40 years later…would that be "Mass. Brain freeze" of the citizen/voters of one of the 13 original colonies and home of M.I.T.?

When Barney Frank admitted that he didn't know about the prostitution ring run out of the basement of his house for a year and a half would that be "Brain Freeze" perhaps to another part of the skull? …Or that he had hired a male prostitute as a"personal Aide" and when the Massachusetts voters sent him to Congress year after year (This is the BEST they have to offer as a leader?) ….you got it! More "Mass Brain Freeze"!
All the misspent campaign money of Charles Rangle (Democrat) that he claimed to not know about = Brain Freeze?
Bill Clinton's (Democrat) "I did not have sex with that woman!", though he actually spoke those words, was that then a simple case of "TRUTH FREEZE" a minor condition but a MAJOR LIE?
That brings us to Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat) and since "Truth Freeze" is a huge part of his persona I don't believe I have to expound on his myriad psychological problems here and now. 
After his fall there will be much written about this pathetic character and his minions, not to mention his worshipers and the story will read much like Jim Jones and the Kool-aid cult in British Guyana.