Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kindergarten Antics!

Is it any wonder the OWS crowd is the lowest common denominator? Acting out their typical brand of dissension by breaking windows, urinating in the streets and demanding "stuff"...carrying placards saying, in essence, "We want it and you've got it".
The fact that these occupiers are acting as spoiled children who happen to be young adults is not as mind boggling as the Democratic party
in general giving them a "thumbs up!"...Nancy Pelosi saying, "God Bless 'em!"
However then you realize that you find these same leftist's in Government all throughout this Administration using the reasoning of a 4 year old that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Eric Holder: "I didn't know!"
Steven Chu: "Nobody told me!"
Obama: "Bush did it!"
Barney Frank: "I didn't know!"
Nancy Polosi: "It's not my fault!"
Joe Biden: "Hey, I'm good old #2!"
Janet Napolitano: "The border is safer than ever!"
John Kerry:  "The economy is fine!"
Maxine Waters: "The Tea Party can go straight to Hell!"
John Conyers (Chairman of the House Judiciary committee): 
"Why read the bill?" 
Al Gore: (Too many to mention and not enough space!)

And as Americans are we as dumb as they assume we are?
Will we send the likes of these in for a second term?