Friday, October 12, 2012

Laughter as a nervous tic...


Old Joe really followed some sage advice by repeating Administration lies and throwing the Intelligence Agency (who had real-time view of the Benghazi attack) under the bus.
...and who was he looking at and aiming his monologue to, stage right? Ryan was to his left and the moderator was to his left front.
Was he doing his laughing and mugging for someone in the audience?


After Obama's inept, can't find an answer for my last four years, silently looking at his shoes style debate, the Democrat brain trust must have decided to give the ball to "Wrong Way Corrigan" and asked him to get it down the field!

He did every distracting trick he knew before Ryan could finish the first sentence of each answer. Laughing out of context, shaking his head in the mode of, "Where do they get the idea that this upstart Ryan can beat me? I laugh in his face!"
He came off like Nurse Ratchet in wishing he could lobotomize
everybody to get control back.

I'm sure there will be Romney ads showing Joe doing his smarmy, 
"I'll let these pearly whites shine through this talk of our Libyan Ambassador being murdered!" 

Going down a side street: Where has Hillary gone?
Word is that she eloped with Eric Holder and they're living the quiet life in the Sargasso Sea of  egomaniac politicians....