Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scum of the weak!

The longer Barrack Obama is in the public eye the better his predecessor's time in office is shown to be.
In comparing the two, George W Bush has proven himself a statesman of highest order.
GWB as Winston Churchill compared to Obama as Lou Costello.

This particular brand of Democrat, these East and West elites, just think that they are superior. While the foundation has crumbled around them, relationships with any country in the Mid East are no more and Allies snicker and shake their heads when they see us.
This is the reason he goes on "The View" instead of having meetings with the principals from other countries.
The first time this clown of a President spoke publicly about our Consulate being destroyed and Ambassador and 3 other Americans murdered was on David Letterman. 
He's an embarrassment to other world leaders!

Everything he claims to have inherited was in much better order before this pin-hedonist ever came to power.
The mentally ill-equipped who STILL have any kind of belief in this person as a leader reminds me of those who stay with an physically abusive "insignificant other".
The lying, cheating, stealing-from-your-purse, boyfriend that they keep telling their friends how they know deep down he is good...that he's just going through a rough time etc. but meanwhile they cover up blackened eyes, fractured bones, bad credit and cry themselves to sleep!

There is nothing to trust in this man. A President who stands in front of a camera and spouts the lies written for him on the TelePrompTer for four years is not worthy of a second chance.

Having a swinging door border policy is not a policy.
Giving billions to unproven green companies is not a strategy, it's gambling
with other people's money---OURS!

The middle-east is in shambles, our Libyan consulate destroyed and Ambassador killed and the best  they could think of was an apology to THE KILLERS!
We're sorry we made you kill us, here have some more money to buy arms with!

He's like a child who wants a high speed train because well, because Japan has one and they really go fast!
His energy policy is a pipe dream that wind will power generators to melt ore and the sun will produce enough energy via high dollar solar panels to keep the power grid up! His understanding of markets is so astounding that he touted an electric car that costs well over $80,000 to make, yet sells for $41,000 and runs on electric battery that is recharged by energy that uses 80% coal  and will run from 27 to 40 miles per charge before the gasoline engine kicks in using the fuel of which he is also trying to do away with.
There is something beyond stupid in this thinking.
When the first electric light bulb glowed were we so stupid that we made candles illegal?
When automobiles became a usable form of transportation we didn't shoot all the horses, did we?

Why would anyone want to be tolerant of, let alone vote for, a party of such low moral behavior?
I would guess that given enough time all political affiliations can be found to be carrying, within it's human members, personal baggage that goes against the grain of what is considered straight and proper behavior. I'm talking about the usual side occupations of politicians crimes of perjury, money laundering and taking bribes. These have their own set of political fans and the list of those that have dipped into the cookie jar are many and varied.
However it is my contention that the Democrats get to the podium most often and hold the highest awards for the title of "Scum of Weak" with decisions made outside of simply taking bribes from lobbyists or finding a lucrative deal on land before the announcement of it's sale to build factories!

How long do we have to live with this blight on our country?

(24 days and counting!)