Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Put them in prison!


The only person with a positive outlook after the Benghazi horror is Eric Holder and the DOJ operatives that helped arm the killer drug cartels with arms from the USA.
He gets to sneak out of the spotlight for the time being…

Hillary has ruined any chance she might have had for 2016 by being a part of this corrupt, shameless Chicago political sewer too. Americans are notorious for having short attention spans but I would have to say that even we are not so insensitive to let any of this worst of all time,  bottom-of-the-barrel Administration's shenanigans with truth and honor slide onto the back burner.
The voters that still back this President are the same that voted in Marion Barry after being caught on video tape smoking crack with hookers in a DC hotel room and that cheered when a jury proclaimed OJ Simpson innocent. 

This is Watergate times 1 million! No one died during Watergate. It's more than cover-up. It's denying asked for security to further the agenda that Obama had nullified the Taliban/Al Qaeda and had them on the run.

It's not enough to just not elect these pathetic, lying political opportunists to another term in office.
They should be tried for treason and sent to prison.